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Platform Approach - Expansion

Expand your business the Spryker way

Spryker helps companies in a wide range of industries and use cases to bring their digital commerce business models to the next level. There is not just one way to expand your business –  Spryker is ready to follow and support you on every path you chose with our technology.

Trusted by top companies for their digital commerce needs:

Innovate and Expand

Whether it’s Enterprise Marketplace, IoT Commerce, B2B or Subscriptions, Spryker allows you to constantly innovate and iterate new services as your business evolves.


What you can achieve by expanding your digital commerce business

Opportunities, strategies and technological solutions to grow your e-commerce across borders

Expansion with Marketplaces

Marketplace is a business model that is easily scalable. Cut out the steps of investing in and sourcing inventory yourself and onboard Merchants that enrich your product portfolio instead. New Merchants with an appealing service and product assortment will quickly grow your customer base and diversify your product offerings.

Expansion through Multi-Store

The Multi-Store Capabilities in the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS give you the flexibility to create multiple stores for different scenarios – giving you the ability to easily reach your customers everywhere. You can freely choose whether you want to create a single store with a single product database that serves multiple regions and languages, or if you want to set up separate stores for each region, selling localized products. The stores, whether separate or centralized, can be customized to your needs. For example, you can set up different products, discounts, navigations, store logics, and much more.

Expansion through D2C

Set up your own web shop and create additional distribution channels with a direct-to-consumer strategy. Increase the chance of higher margins, access to new consumer groups (for example, by expanding into new markets on your own), managing the brand experience, and obtaining your own data on customers.

Trusted by top companies for their commerce needs:

The Benefits of Expansion

Take your business to the next level

  • Director of e-Commerce
  • Sales
  • IT Executive
  • Marketing Teams
  • Broad Portfolio

    Create a well-rounded and optimized product and service portfolio which unifies all customer needs by utilizing Spryker’s core commerce functionalities.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Foster customer loyalty by becoming your audience’s primary shopping platform, providing accessibility via multiple touchpoints.

  • Customer Reach

    Establish new customer bases by easily creating multiple stores for different scenarios.

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  • Rapid Growth

    Rapidly expand your company or product offering through Spryker’s ability to support and extend a wide-range of business models.

  • Audience Reach

    Reach new demographics at their convenience via Spryker’s Glue API, an efficient way to access headless commerce.

  • Maximize Sales

    Utilize useful Spryker features, such as Agent Assist of Request for Quote, to maximize sales.

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  • MVP Approach

    Save time and money on your initial platform set-up. Spryker allows a quick and efficient launch of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

  • Seamless Integrations

    Integrations with Spyker’s best-of-breed Technology Partners allow fast and seamless updates to your store.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Working with Spryker means you only have one single point of contact for your whole e-commerce store, saving time and stress when you need information or support.

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  • Increase Visibility

    Increase website traffic and improve the search engine ranking of your store with Spryker SEO features.

  • Custom Content

    Reach your customers more effectively with the Spryker Content Management System, allowing you to display compelling content and relevant stories to inspire action.

  • Effective Promotion

    Run effective promotional campaigns to boost conversion rates with a powerful discount engine.

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Customer Stories

Success speaks for itself. Just ask our customers.

See what successful businesses like yours have to say about Spryker’s capabilities

Toyota managed to launch their Corona Viable Product within three weeks with Spryker.

Weeks To Launch
Dealerships Catered
Vehicles Sold Globally

With Spryker, we found a perfect partner who was able to deliver the new e-commerce sales platform that we needed while sticking to the challenging timeline of less than three weeks.

Jens Brech Director of Customer Experience and Network Quality
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Sourceability Disrupts Electronics Industry

International Locations
Turnover in 2018

We want to become the Amazon for the component trading industry. Customers have been suffering from a lack of transparency for too long. It’s time to remove borders and sell and purchase components through an e-commerce marketplace.

Yashar Shahabi Senior Vice President Digital Solutions, Sourceability LLC
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Hilti on course for international expansion

Spryker Shops
€ Annual Revenue

Spryker - Faster wins the digitalisation.

Marc Dassler Head of Digital Platforms
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Technology Partners

Integration Made Easy

Integrate Technology Partner solutions seamlessly. Spryker offers numerous integrations to ensure a successful commerce experience for your customers.

Digital Commerce Resources

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Make digital commerce your competitive advantage with a platform that optimally implements your unique business model.