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Join Spryker Co-CEO Alexander Graf and his special guests on the industry-leading Commerce Talks podcast. Every other week Alex looks at the hottest topics in digital commerce, exploring what they mean, why they are important, and where to prioritize them in your own digital commerce journey.

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Alexander Graf, Host of Commerce Talks and Spryker Founder & Co-CEO

Alex is a visionary within the world of commerce. He has more than 20 years’ experience analyzing business trends and providing valuable insights to business leaders through his articles and books, including the industry benchmark The E-Commerce Book. A regular speaker at the industry’s biggest commerce and technology events, Alex also runs his own successful blog and podcast Kassenzone. Before founding Spryker, Alex co-founded many other digital economy companies, including Etribes, Europe’s leading Amazon agency Factor A, and Hamburg born AboutYou.                 

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The e-commerce book explains all the essential interrelationships in e-commerce and has become a standard work in the retail industry and at universities. The E-commerce Book

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Patrik Illerstig - How Volvo Leads The Digitization of Auto Industry

How will car manufactures like Volvo handle the infotainment systems in a world where Tesla is now setting the standard. Will the "normal" customer will even buy cars in the future? Learn more about these questions in the podcast.

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Past Episodes


    Episode 66

    Julia Luscher, Tetra Pak – How you can support the circular economy in your supermarket

    How do you feed the planet with as little impact on the environment as possible? Julia Luscher, from Tetra Pak, joined us to discuss how the global company is focused on making food safe and available everywhere while reducing its impact on nature. Listen to learn more about their B2B marketing strategy, the importance of a circular economy, and why your milk carton might soon have AR components.

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    Episode 65

    Niels Kuschinsky, Carrier – What your grocery store may look like in the future

    Niels Kuschinsky is focused on the future of refrigeration. And what does the future look like? In addition to moving to an outcome driven business model, we discussed the future of sensors in both a store and home setting as well as the challenge between sustainability and ease of use for the consumer. Listen to learn more about the hurdles and learnings from an industry that touches all types of consumers every single day.

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    Episode 63

    Julian Bröcheler, ABB Robotics – How robots can help to fill labor shortages

    The promise of robots has been around for decades and while the home helper robot is an idea consumers are more familiar with, incorporating robots into more B2B and B2C situations is something that we have yet to see truly unfold. In this episode, we chatted with Julian Bröcheler at ABB Robotics about how robots can help to fill labor shortages, the benefits of robots in our daily lives, and what we can expect from them in the future.

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    Episode 62

    Steve Dennis, SageBerry Consulting – What to know before investing in a Marketplace

    Steve Dennis is the author of Remarkable Retail and the president and founder of SageBerry Consulting. Having previously worked with brands such as Neiman Marcus and Sears, Steve’s two decades of work in commerce has made him an expert on the evolving industry and on those who have succeeded in digital transformation as well as those who have lost. We spoke to Steve to learn more about the current trend taking ecommerce by storm, the marketplace. Is investing in a marketplace the right move for every brand?

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    Episode 61

    Lior Suchard – The business of being a mentalist

    Lior Suchard, the world famous mentalist, sat down with us to talk about the business of mentalism. Whether it’s the impact of COVID, customer loyalty, or the various channels he explores, Lior offers a behind the scenes look at his brand and the brains behind the business of what he does. Listen to learn more as well as witness some sensational mental tricks throughout the episode.

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    Episode 60

    Richard Corbridge, Boots – Building a digital ecommerce experience for the future

    In this interview, we spoke with Richard Corbridge, the Chief Information Officer at Boots, a staple UK health and beauty retailer, about their plans to build a digital ecommerce experience for the future. As a brand with strong roots in brick and mortar, read on to see how they are tackling the challenges of merging both experiences for their customers.

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  • Episode 59

    Knuspr CEO Erich Comor – Food Delivery Next Level

    In this interview, we dive into one of today’s most interesting topics in the commerce space – food delivery. Currently taking Munich by storm, and with plans to expand throughout Germany, Knuspr is one of the most anticipated services in the country. We spoke to CEO Erich Comor about what makes them different.

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  • Episode 58

    Ocado Solution CCO Richar McKenzie – Who will win the grocery delivery game?

    Ocado Group is a UK-based grocery solutions and logistics business that licenses its technology to grocery retailers around the world. It started as grocery delivery business, which is still a strong pillar, but now powers a dozen ambitious grocery delivery projects wordlwide. I discuss with Richard the future of grocery delivery, the challenges of most brick and mortar retailers and many more.

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  • Episode 57

    What is the future of the logistic industry – with Kushal Nahata, CEO FarEye

    One of the biggest growth bottlenecks in the ecommerce industry is availability of logistics services. On top of the availability topic comes the trackability topic, which is one of the challenges FarEye tries to solve with a very innovative platform approach. Where is my delivery might sound like a simple question, but is hard to solve with the outdated tracking approaches in the market. Learn what the future of logistics looks like by listening to Kushal’s insights.

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  • Episode 56

    A transformation unicorn? How Lands’ End became an ecommerce company with Constanze Freienstein

    Lands’ End is a more than fascinating case, as this company was able to transform itself from a brick and mortar business towards a modern ecommerce company – something that I have never seen before. That leads to the question: How was that possible? Why is Lands’ End now looking again into brick and mortar options? Could others maybe learn from this case? European Managing Director Constanze Freienstein answers to all this questions.

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  • Episode 55

    Re-Inventing (Food) Delivery with Wolt Founder Miki Kuusi

    Nobody would have expected another “fight” for the food delivery customers in Berlin after the super expansive “the winner takes it all ” competition only some years ago. But here they are – Wolt – a unicorn from Helsinki, operating in over 20 countries with a verticalized delivery approach. They are winning market share with a superior customer experience. How are they able to do it? Will it be profitable? What will be the future of the “inner” city? Find all the answers in the podcast.

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  • Episode 54

    Jon Reed on (un)successful US Retailers

    Jon Reed has been building enterprise communities since 1995. These days, Jon is a roving blogger/analyst. He also advises vendors and startups on reaching today’s informed enterprise buyer, now that the sales funnel is discredited. He is a diginomica co-founder, Enterprise Irregular, and purveyor of multi-media content.

    We try to identify successfull US Retail transformation cases (very hard to find any) and discuss the false promises of personalization, microservices and more.

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  • Episode 53

    Thomas Prommer (Executive at Adidas, Bain Capital, Sweetgreen…)

    Thomas Prommer is a global digital native technology leader with 20+ years of experience in planning, building and running best-in-class, highly scalable, omni-channel marketing and commercial platforms, in partnership with world-class product, user experience, data science and analytics teams.
    As a technology executive on the agency side, he has partnered with progressive clients and CXOs across industries including Google, Apple, Nike, Hulu, McDonalds, Toyota, Carnival Cruises as well as nimble digital-native D2C and start-up companies to define and realize future-proof platform strategies. Thomas has also held in-house executive roles for companies such as Adidas, Bain Capital and Sweetgreen in the same capacity.

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  • Episode 52

    Phillip Jackson about the Magento Saga and the current trajectory of Shopify

    On his website Phillip writes: “We are a collective of eCommerce operators who have helped to build digital commerce channels for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.” After reading and listening to some of his content it became clear that he is a “must have” guest for commerce talks. His experience with Magento, his views as a developer and his operational insights in some of the biggest US commerce projects create a very cool base for our conversation.

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  • Episode 51

    Claret Uribe about the world of Amazon and Mercado Libre in Mexico

    Claret is part of the new ecom super business in Mexico, trying to partner up with Amazon brands in order to make them even more successful. Claret gives very interesting insights into the recent e commerce boom in Mexico, the role that Amazon plays there and the chances of former brick and mortar retailers.

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  • Episode 50

    Pavel Orlov from Magnit (Russia) Gets Honest About Customer Expectation

    Host Alex Graf talked with Pavel Orlov from the Russian grocery giant Magnit (USD 20b revenue) about how 3-hour delivery is now considered slow. Orlov gets honest about building the e-commerce operations and provides his unique perspective on the Russian market for e-food. This talk includes questions like, how the ozon IPO changed the e-commerce dilemma, what fast delivery means in Russia, and how fast everyone is expanding?

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  • Episode 49

    Never trust the analyst

    Join us to talk about the role of industry analysts, their ability to help customers with complex e-commerce decision-making, and the new rise of review platforms. Will review platforms like Trustradius and g2 replace the analyst as replaced the travel agent? Take a listen in for our thoughts and tell us yours in the reviews!

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  • Episode 48

    Paradigm B2B Founder Andy Hoar Discusses B2B Potential

    “The center of gravity has changed from monolithic systems to flexible, cloud-based commerce.” Andy Hoar, the founder of Paradigm B2B and commerce expert, has a fascinating discussion with Alex Graf on the vast opportunities for B2B companies in digital commerce. From Amazon lessons learned to the two key-value points all B2B enterprises focus on when selecting a commerce ecosystem, take a deep dive into the identity of a B2B customer, how the industry has changed, and the technology that will be needed to not just survive these changing times but thrive.

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  • Episode 47

    Introducing Andrej Maihorn: Intershop Journey, US Commerce, & Shopify for Enterprise

    The podcast formerly known as Wimlex, has a new and exciting life as Commerce Talks. Let’s kick things off with commerce veterans Andrej Maihorn and Alex Graf as they break down commerce tech, vendors, and the whole ecosystem on a weekly basis.
    In this episode, we cover:
    – The US Intershop journey
    – Andrejs view on the different software vendors
    – Is there an “EDV Leiter” persona in the US
    – The Seeking Alpha article about Shopify as Commerce OS:

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  • Episode 46

    Robert Meshew of Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply Talks Investments

    Welcome to the first Spryker podcast of 2021 where we talk with Robert Meshew the Chief Information Officer of Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply, and Spryker customer. Meshew shares his story along with how he chooses companies to invest in. Tune into this informative and fun podcast, and stay tuned for future conversations with Spryker.

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