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How can CPG/FMCG Companies Adapt to the Current Situation?

Spryker for Consumer Goods

Digital Commerce in the CPG / FMCG Industry

Digital commerce for manufacturers of consumer goods means a variety of opportunities and changes. The key to a successful business is the customer, and digitalization is redefining the roles and expectations of the seller and the customer. Subscription models, omnichannel approaches, and click & collect are just a few of the many trends that drive the unprecedented convenience of a digital customer journey. And the advance of technology makes it easier than ever for CPG / FMCG manufacturers to connect with customers directly through D2C e-commerce solutions. The potential to shape a positive customer experience in the CPG industry is huge if manufacturers adjust their online presence to the emerging needs of the market and find the right balance to cater to B2B businesses and end customers alike.

Time to market:


  • Fast testing of new features
  • Quick response to customer demands – shopping anywhere, anytime!


Total Cost of Ownership:


  • Lean systems mean less infrastructure costs
  • Easy extension and addition of new Features mean less development costs


Return on Investment:


  • Shorter development means faster market readiness
  • New products and features can generate revenue earlier

Spryker Customers

Discover our Spryker Features for Your CPG/FMCG Business


Incentivize purchases and increase your profits by implementing cart rules and the discount engine.


Increase customer convenience with letting your customers create and share Shopping Lists.


Map out the complex structure of your customers by using Business Units for different locations, entities or departments.


Easily grow your customer base and scale your business by extending your shop with a Marketplace.