Spryker Glue API and LINK Middleware

Effective e-commerce requires integrations catered specifically to your business. Spryker allows easy implementation through our GLUE API and LINK Middleware.

Your Integrations, Your Way

Modern e-commerce demands flexibility to provide the goods, services, and personalization your customers expect. Spryker’s GLUE API and LINK Middleware allow bespoke integrations that best fulfill your businesses needs. Whether you require incorporation of several smart devices or even a larger, legacy platform, Spryker’s GLUE API and LINK Middleware provide easy integration with your store.

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Spryker GLUE API

Our growing list of Spryker GLUE API features helps you connect with your customers through various touchpoints like smart devices, or can help you integrate third-party systems like Content Management Systems, to improve your internal or external processes.

Spryker LINK Middleware

For larger legacy integrations like ERP or PIM solutions, Spryker offers all of its customers access to the Spryker LINK Middleware. This tool makes sure Spryker works for your needs, instead of having to change your systems to meet ours.

Learn more about Voice Commerce

New technology is making the concept of connecting with your customers increasingly complex. Spryker has broken down each IoT technology used most by customers worldwide, like voice, to help you better understand the opportunity and simplicity of improving customer convenience through IoT devices.

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Bold and New – Spryker EXCITE 2022

Back again for the third year running, Spryker EXCITE 2022 is going to be the biggest, boldest e-commerce conference yet.

Successful e-commerce in 2022 is about so much more than just selling online, as market demands are rapidly shifting, and new technologies are changing the game. Gain insights from industry veterans, learn about exciting new and future e-commerce projects, and feel inspired by our amazing line-up at Spryker EXCITE 2022.

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