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What independent experts say about Spryker

We think that Spryker is the best and most modern enterprise commerce platform available today. Don’t just take our word for it though – here’s a taste of what independent industry                    analysts and experts have to say about us.


Why the Spryker platform is loved industry-wide

Platform architecture

Spryker is a truly modular cloud native platform conforming to broader definitions of microservices, but most closely to Gartner’s packaged business capability (PBC) paradigm.

B2B, B2C and UC support

Spryker supports a wide range of industries and business models like retail, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, services and more B2B, B2C and Unified Commerce—or all of these capabilities out of one platform

Strong adoption

Spryker scored highest for overall growth of any vendor in this Magic Quadrant, with both customer and revenue growth nearing 100%. Customer growth was paralleled by an increasing number of larger service provider partnerships being cemented.


Gartner recognizes Spryker for its native enterprise marketplace operations capability, calling it “a differentiator among MQ vendors”.

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Analyst Recognition

What independent industry analysts and experts are saying about Spryker.

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Digital Commerce Platform

Gartner Magic Quadrant

With a futuristic composable platform, Spryker is now recognized as a visionary in the elite group of innovative commerce platform vendors. Download the Magic Quadrant to learn why Gartner recognizes Spryker as a visionary in digital commerce.

More on the Magic Quadrant

Spryker has experience and tailored solutions for a variety of industries, and is recognized by customers for serving complex and individual business needs efficiently."                                                                                   -Gartner

B2B Commerce

IDC Report

IDC recognizes Spryker as a top 18 digital commerce platform vendor in their MarketScape: B2B Digital Commerce Platform 2020 Vendor Assessment. Spryker is noted for modular architecture packaged into 35 business capabilities, and as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) which offers greater control on the application layer, and outstanding customer support.

Spryker Recognized by IDC

IDC Report

Consider Spryker if you are an upper mid-market to large enterprise looking for a modular, API-first, digital commerce platform that supports a wide range of business models."

The Forrester Wave™

The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Solutions, Q2 2022 is an assessment of the most significant vendors of that space, evaluated against current offering, strategy, and market presence. Spryker was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Solutions, Q2 2022. In this evaluation, first time entrant Spryker was cited as a Strong Performer. Download The Forrester Wave™ to learn all details about this evaluation.

B2B Commerce Solutions, Q2 2022


McFayden Report

The Marketplace Suite Spot℠ report evaluates the top marketplace development technologies businesses can use to create, launch, and grow an ecommerce marketplace. Some of these marketplace enablement technologies require integration with a standalone ecommerce platform to operate, some include that customer-facing catalog/cart/checkout functionality along with marketplace-specific functionality. The report contains vendor information, platform capabilities, ideal market fit, and more including several comparison visuals in order to gain a clearer understanding of the leading options in this space.

The Marketplace Suite Spot

Analyst Recognition

What independent industry analysts and experts are saying about Spryker.

By 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation."

Composable Commerce Must Be Adopted for the Future of Applications; 25 Aug 2021, By Mike Lowndes and Sandy Shen

Spryker is the first choice for us to be well positioned for B2B and B2B commerce."

CTO | Manufacturing Industry

Innovative e-commerce platform for rapid development and innovative solutions"

Marco Knecht | Team Lead Digital Commerce Solutions, Jumbo Markt

Scalable E-Commerce framework that lets you focus on what matters"

Sebastian Wegscheider | Senior Product Owner, Amann Girrbach

Spryker is very good to digitalize complex requirements and business models"

Tim Schestag | E-Commerce Consultant, best it AG

Sticking with it after more than 6 years and more than 14 Spryker projects!"

Florian Möller | CEO, Turbine Kreuzberg

Trusted by top companies for their Digital Commerce needs:

Gartner reviewers rate us 4.4 out of 5

G2 reviewers rate us 4.5 out of 5

Trustradius reviewers rate us 4 out of 5

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