Spryker on AWS

For customers looking at developing their specific commerce experience in a seamless, scalable and truly flexible way, Spryker and AWS offer an excellent combination. Spryker is a PaaS company that enables customers to use best-of-breed components. Customers are guaranteed the best quality of service and the best experience. With AWS and Spryker, customers don't need to manage cloud providers and data centers: they have a single point of contact for the full service, without hassle or complex multi-party agreements.


Built with differentiation in mind.


Adaptability to constant change is a requirement for every enterprise, whether they are looking at automating processes, enhancing their commerce, or finding new revenue streams. Composability on AWS means the highest level of flexibility for the customer: it allows customers to select the best-of-breed components they need, which will work seamlessly and reliably straight away, thanks to Spryker being a truly composable platform and AWS levels of service. Lengthy and costly integrations become a thing of the past.


Customers cannot afford for their solution to slow them down when they need to grow fast. Increasingly sophisticated business cases and the required faster time to market mean that enterprises need to be able to constantly go from planning to testing and to launching their services, be it their commerce solution, process automation project or generating new revenue streams, without requiring any replatforming work.

Case Study: Siemens Healthineers AG


Siemens Healthineers commerce technology needed to fulfill mandatory requirements such as being cloud-native, headless, and MVP-driven achieving a great end-to-end experience. Siemens Healthineers chose Spryker because of its composable commerce methodology rich in future-proven capabilities.


Spryker proved to fulfill over 90% of Siemens complex use cases. Spryker Cloud Commerce OS therefore completes Siemens existing technology landscape and has successfully integrated with ServiceNow, Microsoft, Genesys, and others. Due to its modular and API-driven design, Siemens can seamlessly link Spryker with other technologies, beyond commerce.


Siemens Healthineers chose Spryker to lay the foundation for enabling transactions completely independent of the patient touchpoint, helping to accelerate the recovery process. They quickly ramped up their operations and went live with the first spare parts shop in Brazil in less than three months.

In our strategy, we put our customers into the center - therefore we defined “SENSE” as our mission.                                                                            Jochen Hostalka, SVP IT & Enterprise Services | Siemens Healthineers

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