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Endless Enterprise Marketplace Perks

Organizations create enterprise marketplaces to allow third parties to sell through the platform to enrich offerings and stimulate growth”

Increase Customer Convenience

Leverage our Enterprise Marketplace capabilities to expand product offerings and provide an intuitive transactional experience that helps customers buy more with less effort.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Plus, reduce time-to-value, customer acquisition costs, and IT spend while you’re at it, with our headless, API-first capabilities.

Improve ROI

Expand your product range and complement it with other marchants’ products and services, all on our fully modular cloud native platform.

Increase Agility

All capabilities in one platform mean seamless upgrades and effortless iteration, for even the most sophisticated business models.

Spryker is recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.

Transform your business with our Enterprise Marketplace capabilities

Effortlessly scale your business by eliminating the need to source and invest in inventory yourself. Instead, onboard merchants that complement your own product or service offerings.

  • Increase profit margins

    Adding merchants to your existing platform introduces new streams of revenue, and requires fewer resources and investments than stocking and managing your own products. Plus, receive commissions on successful sales.

  • Differentiate your offerings

    Growing the number of merchants on your platform helps you stand out and diversify your product offerings, while introducing and testing new, niche products without any risk or stock commitments.

  • Decrease CAC and IT cost

    Leverage merchants on your platform to drive down customer acquisition and IT costs for all parties involved, and in the process, provide a better experience to your joint customers.

A Collection of Marketplace Capabilities

  • Merchants

    Merchants are 3rd-party sellers that are invited by the Marketplace Operator to join the Marketplace so they can offer their products to end customers. Each Merchant has its own Merchant Users, Profile on the Storefront, Products and/or Product Offers.

  • Merchant Products and Offers

    There are two flexible options of how the Merchants can start selling in Marketplace: Either through creation of a completely new product or their offer that is created on top of an existing product. Customers can filter products and offers by Merchants right in the catalog or find them through the search function.

  • Marketplace and Merchants Orders

    Customers can easily place Marketplace Orders within the Marketplace, which can contain Offers and Products from different merchants. The part of the order that belongs to a certain Merchant is referred to as Merchant Order and it can have a custom order management process mapped with the Spryker State Machine.

  • Back Office for Marketplace Operator

    The Marketplace Operator can ensure compliance with the Marketplace guidelines by managing Merchants with their products and offers and reviewing Marketplace performance in the Back Office.

  • Data Exchange

    To ensure the smooth Merchant onboarding process and the overall Marketplace setup, marketplace-specific Data Importers and Exporters have been implemented to exchange relevant information between Merchants and the Operator.

  • Search and Filter

    Features include Full-Site Search, Multi-Language Search, Textual Search, Standard Filters. Search and filter functions allow customers to seamlessly browse and find exactly what they’re looking for, while keeping them in control of their commerce experience.

  • Internationalization

    This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate multiple store setup, multiple currencies per store, and international tax rates. It also allows for glossary creation which adds to your customers’ ease of use.

Marketplace Customer Stories

Success speaks for itself. Just ask our customers.

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Sourceability Disrupts Electronics Industry

International Locations
Turnover in 2018

We want to become the Amazon for the component trading industry. Customers have been suffering from a lack of transparency for too long. It’s time to remove borders and sell and purchase components through an e-commerce marketplace.

Yashar Shahabi Senior Vice President Digital Solutions, Sourceability LLC
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Durst’s Online Delivery Service: From the Greenfield to a Mobile Platform

App Downloads
Partner Retailers in Germany

We use the Scrum framework for agile project management. This means that we don’t plan our projects for 24 months ahead, but for weeks. This short time-to-market helps us to quickly develop the platform further and to test certain features individually, instead of going live at once with a huge chunk of features.

Matthias Steinforth Founder & Managing Director, Durst
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Globus Launches Click & Collect in 14 Days

Days to Launch

Based on my experience, I didn‘t think it was possible to go live in such a short time. The technology and the absolute will of everyone involved made this possible.

Daniel Richter Director Multichannel
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