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Spryker Cloud Commerce OS

The Spryker Cloud Commerce OS is a Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) solution. Our PaaS allows our customers to develop, run and manage their Spryker application without any complexity of building, scaling and maintaining the infrastructure.

The Spryker Cloud Commerce OS is the best way to maintain Spryker inherent flexibility and customization that our customers have come to expect. Since we know our application best, we are committed to delivering the best possible product experience when it comes to deployment, updates, patches, scalability, and security.

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  • PaaS for your business


    • Designed to allow for customization and innovation
    • Go beyond with projects outside the ordinary, aiming to solve unique or complex business requirements
    • Full control of application level
    • Maximum scalability and availability
  • Total Cost of Ownership


    • Lean system
    • Efficient development
    • Short testing cycles
  • Business Value


    • No customization and integration limits
    • Full control of application level
    • Maximum scalability and availability

What is the Best Cloud Model for your Digital Commerce Business?

Limitless customization

Do more with Spryker Cloud Commerce OS


When you choose Spryker Cloud Commerce OS, your business benefits from Spryker’s inherent flexibility and agility no matter if you’re a B2B, B2C, Marketplace or any other business.

Best product experience, optimal Total Cost of Ownership, and continued support & accountability – businesses who want to maintain their own hosting solution can still use our on-premise solution, Spryker Cloud Commerce OS.

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  • End-to-end Accountability: The Cloud infrastructure & operations are managed under one, simple contract – simple & easy.
  • Contact & Support: We offer a 24x7x365 contact and support to solve any and all operational problems.
  • Optimized & Cost-Efficient: Get the best total cost of ownership with the highest return on investment on the market today.
  • Best Product Fit: if there’s anything we know best, it’s how to manage, operate & scale the modularity of Spryker’s API-based architecture.